What to think about before dressing your windows

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed about deciding on window treatments. Some are afraid to make a mistake and may leave windows bare rather than start what seems like a complex project. Relax, designing a look for your windows should be fun with these easy tips.

Before you even begin choosing your window coverings, start by imagining your fundamental goal.

  • Attractive Qualities
    Most consumers want their windows to look beautiful as well as practical. Think about the mood you want to set. Do you want your space to be cozy? Choose textured fabrics and a tailored shape. If you like a dramatic, contemporary style, then bold colors and sleek lines would be appropriate. For a romantic mood, select soft sheer or silky fabrics.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Cold in the winter and too hot in the summer? Energy-efficient window treatments are available to help you save money on your utilities. Did you know honeycomb shades offer good insulation and are rated a very high R-value? Ask the professionals at Harmony Blinds & Shutters for recommendations on what window coverings are energy-efficient.
  • Light Control
    For those who prefer to completely block out the sun, there are opaque or blackout shades. A blackout cellular shade is one of the best options for blocking light.
  • Privacy
    Most blinds and shades provide some level of privacy. If you select a horizontal or vertical blind, you may angle the slats to allow light in while still giving you privacy. When choosing a shade, be sure to check that the opacity is high enough so that people can’t see into your room at night.Just because you have a main goal doesn’t mean all other benefits are excluded. Window treatments can fit your sense of style and décor and still be functional and energy-efficient.

Once you think about the above ideas for your window treatments, getting started will be easy.

To make it really easy, schedule a consultation with your personal Harmony Blinds and Shutters consultant!

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