Horizontal Blinds

General Description
An affordable, decorating staple!  Horizontal blinds offer variable light control and privacy by adjusting the angle of the slats.  Possible drawbacks are large stack height (“stack” is the space the slats occupy when the blind is fully raised) and the lift weight of larger blinds.

Privacy and Light Control: Private. Some light bleed at route holes, sides, and between slats (especially noticeable on the lower slats of large blinds). Most horizontal blinds are available in a “routeless” version for better light control. Energy Efficiency: 1-2  

Aluminum Blinds (Miniblinds)
Aluminum blinds are the least expensive horizontal blind option and they come in a wide range of colors. The most popular size is 1”, but they are also available in ½” micro-mini and 2” macro (with fewer color choices). They offer the poorest insulation of any window covering and can mark walls. On the plus side (besides cost), they are lighter to lift, they stack tighter than faux or wood blinds, and, they can be ordered in wider widths.
Cost: $

Faux Wood Blinds – Poly
Do you need to cover a lot of windows for modest cost?  Poly horizontal blinds are an inexpensive way to simulate the look and function of traditional painted wood blinds. They are also easy to clean and suitable for damp locations. Because they weigh more than wood and are less rigid, there are more ladders (vertical support strings) and there are restrictions on widths. Poly blinds can sag slightly when very hot and may discolor over long periods of time.
Cost: $

Faux Wood Blinds – Composite
Composite, or “engineered” blinds are made with a combination of wood and plastic materials. The result is a more rigid (vs. poly) wood-look slat that resists warping, cracking or chipping.  Composite blinds are heavier than wood and generally have more ladders (vertical support strings) and more size restrictions than wood blinds.
Cost: $$

Wood Blinds
Wood blinds are a perennial favorite, especially if you are looking for real wood tones (stains). Real wood blinds are lighter and easier to lift than faux wood blinds and can be made in larger sizes. Real wood can warp or crack over time.  Stained blinds will fade. Premium wood blinds have longer lasting coatings and better UV protection.
Cost: $$-$$$

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