General Description
Quality shutters are a great way to add lasting beauty and value to your home while providing excellent control of light and privacy. Horizontal louvers, 2.5″, 3.5” or 4.5″ wide, are built into framed panels that open like cabinet doors for window access (“Plantation Shutters” refers to wide louver shutters that originated with southern cotton plantations verses the small louver shutters that originated in England). Shutter frames vary widely to match tastes and install considerations. Panels are not usually opened except to access the windows for ventilation and cleaning. Shutters may not be the right choice if you want the option of a completely unobstructed view. The common shutter types are Vinyl, composite, solid poly and hardwood. Hardwood and solid poly shutters can be made for custom shapes (arches etc).
Privacy and Light Control: Private. Shutters are effectively engineered to block direct light, but some indirect light will leak between louvers and around panel edges.
Energy Efficiency:  3
Cost: $$$$

Vinyl Shutters
Vinyl shutters were the original alternative to wood shutters.  They are light weight (hollow, except for aluminum supports), and guaranteed not to fade, warp, crack or peel. They are also virtually water proof. Maximum panel widths are less than those of wood shutters because vinyl panels are less rigid. Colors are limited to a few white/off-white shades and frame styles are more limited than for other shutter options. Vinyl shutters are generally less expensive than wood shutters.

Composite Shutters
Composite shutters are a more recent alternative to wood and use engineered materials that don’t crack or warp. Stock is then covered with a cleanable poly finish. Composite shutters look and feel more like real painted wood shutters than vinyl at about the same cost. Maximum panel widths are less than those of wood shutters because they weigh more. Colors are usually limited to white or off-white shades but there are many frame styles and installation options to choose from.

Solid Poly Shutters/Polyfoam Shutters
At about the cost of wood shutters, these shutters are waterproof like vinyl but more rigid. Their smooth painted surfaces are also a better simulation of wood shutters. Great for showers and steamy bathrooms. 

Wood Shutters
Still the most versatile product for panel widths, custom shapes and colors with the authentic wood shutter look and feel! Real wood is a “must” choice if you want an authentic stain look.  Quality fabricators use select basswood and other low moisture hardwoods for lasting stability. Wood can crack or warp over time. Make sure you buy a brand with good engineering, a good warranty, and, a strong company backing it.

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