Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are composed of hanging 3.5″ vanes in either vinyl or fabric. Vertical blinds provide an economical way to cover large areas like sliding doors. Verticals can be ordered to draw left, draw right, or split in the middle. Tilting the vanes allows you to block direct sun without completely eliminating light or view. Vinyl verticals are opaque, easily cleaned, and are available in a wide range of colors and textures. Fabric vertical blinds provide a softer look. For additional cost, fabric verticals can be backed by plastic sleeves for a more rigid, opaque blind with better energy efficiency. A new innovation in fabric vertical blinds is the Comfortex Harmony Cellular Vertical. By using an elliptical translucent or opaque plastic insert inside of a fabric sleeve, the cellular vertical provides more rigidity and energy efficiency than a traditional free-hanging fabric vertical.
Privacy and Light Control: Semi-Private to Private.  Vinyl vanes are opaque, while fabric vanes range from semi-opaque to near-opaque.  Light will bleed between vanes and at edges.
Energy Efficiency: 2-3
Cost: $-$$

Note:  Consider panel tracks as a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds for slider doors.  Panel tracks are made of moving flat panels of woven wood or roller shade materials.

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