Simple Ideas to Make Your Small Room Seem Larger

Have you heard the expression, “Perception is 99% reality?” There are times when a small room is perfectly cozy and other times when you feel a room is too small. Don’t worry, here are simple ideas and tools that you can apply to make your room appear more spacious.

Walls: One design trick is to paint your walls a light solid shade. This technique creates the impression of expansive space and your room will feel larger. Expand this concept and paint your doors, trim, and ceiling the same color as the wall. This brings together all the elements to make a cohesive whole. Don’t use contrasting colors or put different patterns on walls as this breaks up your small room into smaller pieces.

Another very effective technique is to place a large mirror in the room. Remember to choose simply-framed mirrors. It really creates the perception of roominess. Try covering an entire wall with a mirror and you will be astonished that your small room appears magically doubled in size.

Windows: Selecting the right window treatment is a key consideration. Opt for small-scale window shades or blinds. Look for honeycomb shades with micro-pleats or wood and aluminum blinds that have thinner slats. Choose narrower louvers for shutters. Even Roman shades are available with smaller hobbles.

If you’re using fabric window treatments, avoid patterns and contrasts. Opt for a treatment that matches the wall color to keep a monochrome background palette.

Furniture: Avoid cluttering the room with too much furniture. Choose smaller-sized pieces and consider dark-colored furnishings that contrast with your light walls. Keep in mind, less is more.

You’re almost at the 99% perception stage, where your room is opening up.

Flooring: Typically, your options for wood, tile or carpet flooring won’t dramatically affect the size of your room. Wall-to-wall carpeting in a solid color or subtle texture is best for keeping unity. If you prefer wood or tile, go for simple, minor patterns and pass up using an area rug as that will break up your floor space.

Consider taking photos of your room, before and after. You’ll be amazed with the results of these simple tips.

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