Ten Window Covering Design Tips

Window Coverings Should Support, Not Shout!

Generally it’s best to let the window treatment blend softly with the color pallet of the room, letting your accessories create the points of interest.  Avoid dramatic treatments (intense colors, dramatic color contrast with walls and floors or bright patterns) unless the window treatment is to be to focus, or, is supporting a particular decorating style or theme.

Neutrals Last

Neutral colors (white, off-whites, beige, grey) and neutralized colors – colors with a different value (lightness/darkness) within the color theme of the room – are often the best choices for lasting utility and appeal.

Cozy Or Expansive?

Dark and intense colors will close-in a space, where lighter values create a feeling of openness.

Size Matters

The rule of thumb for patterns is larger in large rooms, smaller in small rooms.  Applied to blinds, shades and shutters:  Larger rooms and windows visually support larger pleats, slat sizes or louver sizes.

The Line On Lines

Vertical lines tend to be more formal and draw the eye up.  Horizontal lines draw your eyes around the room.  Long, uninterrupted lines and low contrast visually increase space.  Avoid lines and patterns in window treatments that compete with other lines or patterns in the décor (and visa-versa).

Curbside Sensibility

Consider how your windows will look from the curb.  While not all of your windows have to look the same from the street, consider consistent treatments for more prominent windows – especially those on the same floor and in close proximity to each other.

Go With The Flow?

Consistent window coverings within a single open or flowing space is the norm.  However, if you intend a deliberate change of mood in an area of that space, such as an intimate sitting area, then a change in the décor and the window covering may be desirable.

Create Adventure

From room to room, give yourself permission to select window coverings that support the intended purpose and mood of the space.  You may even want to pick a rule to break!

Blind Nurture

There are usually a couple of places in your home that are special to you.  Maybe it’s where you retreat for solace or perhaps it’s where you entertain special friends.  Support your feelings and intentions for these spaces by giving extra consideration to the design elements you choose –  including your window treatments.

Window Fashions Should Outlast Your Sofa!

Dollar for dollar, nothing enhances your home environment more than appropriate, custom-fit window coverings.  Don’t forget to set-aside enough project funds for window coverings you’ll be happy with for 7-10 years!

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